Hand made candies and blocks

CREAM - chocolate basket, filled with cream crème, combined with white chocolate and decorated with black chocolate LOVE - milk chocolate in combination with cream crème DESIRE - hazelnut covered with hazelnut paste BOJANKA - almond marzipan covered in black chocolate, decorated with white chocolate JAMAICA - walnut marzipan with orange peel pieces with Rum scent, covered in black chocolate
SOUR CHERRY BLOSSOM - chocolate and crème, combined with sour cherry pieces CHEESECAKE - white chocolate with Cheesecake crème and cranberry DIDI - chocolate combined with almond paste and a whole almond nut COBUS - black chocolate with café crème filling TRUFFLE WITH A SHELL - rum scented filling, covered in white chocolate, sprinkled with cocoa
GREEN CLOVER - white chocolate with Baileys crème CAKES - almond paste combined with black chocolate HONEY - honey crème with walnut pieces, covered in black chocolated and decorated with white chocolate NIA - hazelnuts in comnination with hazelnut paste and black chocolate ANNIE - hazelnut paste inbetween chocolate tiles, sprinkled with pecan grilyazh
ANTON - chocolate with peanut filling and apricot pieces, decorated with black chocolate ALMOND - fine almond paste, coverd in classic black chocolate, garned with a whole almond nut BELLA - white chocolate with almond filling CHERRITA COCONUT - coconut crème covered in white chocolate, decorated with colored chocolate dot CHERRITA CREAM - cream crème covered in black chocolate, decorated with a colored chocolate dot
CHERRY - sour cherry in liqueur, covered in black chocolate
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