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Milmex Ltd. chocolate factory offers a wide assortment of chocolate crafts, including: solid chocolate bonbons, bonbons with a chocolate shell, chocolate-dipped bonbons, solid
chocolate bars, chocolate bars with filling, chocolate desserts and unique hand-made bonbons. The hand-made bonbons or bars can be made with a picture or logo of your choice.

The production includes not only sugar crafts, but diabetic and dietetic products too. They are made by using maltitol, fructose (fruit sugar) and stevia - products that don't
compromise the good taste of the colocate while still satisfying the customer who prefers sugar free crafts.
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Milmex ltd. is a chocolate factory founded in 1994.

The firm disposes of a production factory, situated next to Sofia with a built area of 2780 square meters. The building has two floors and its address is Borzhuriste 2227, 156 Europa blvd.

The factory produces over 60 types of chocolate crafts - dessert bars, bonbons and semimanufactured products, by using the highest quality raw materials. Milmex Ltd. offers assortments with guaranteed natural cocoa product contents.

Our mission is constantly keeping the high and stable quality of our proposed products by upgrading the technological processes. We develop and implement new products with which we hope to expand our range of clients and get hold of new markets. Milmex Ltd. also refines the selection of its raw material providers by periodically evaluating  and reevaluating the working relationships with them and if needed chooses completely new providers.
VIDEO - the technological process.